Privacy Notice

Personal information

The secrecy obligation has in the Evang.-Luth. Parish Saint Nikolai priorität. Generally you can attend the BgA bookstore on our web page without stating your identity or your personal dates. Nevertheless, in some cases we need dates of you, e.g., your full names, your address and e-mail address as well as your telephone number. We will inform you, before we collect personal dates of you on the Internet.

With your approval, us to give personal information on the Internet which we need for the information exchange with you or for the treatment of your orders, we will inform you about the kind of the use of this information. If you inform us that you do not wish that this information about the future establishment of contact with you is used, we will respect this wish.

By the shop of the BgA bookstore registered information are used inside from authorised employees of the church Saint Nicolai to the following three principal purposes. 1. We register information to find out how we can improve our site, while we examine which areas, equipment and products are the most popular. 2. We register information to tune our site optimally to the personal requirements of our customers. In future we will recommend, e.g., possibly products or equipment which you could like. As a basis for these proposals we use the information about which products or equipment you have preferred in the past. In addition, we minute the domains about which users attend us. We analyse these dates to determine trends and statistics dates, and afterwards we extinguish these dates again. Personal information about our customers is not transmitted into three parts, is sold or transmitted in any form.


There are different technologies, under it the so-called Cookies which can be used to make available to you individually conformist information from a homepage. A Cookie is a date element which can be sent by a website to your browser which stores this date element then on your system. On some sides of the shop of the BgA of book store Cookies or other technologies are used to tune our service optimally to your requirements if you attend our site once more. We use these Cookie files, e.g., for minuting of the clicks which you export on our website to tape the articles which you lay in your purchasing basket. Moreover, we find out through this whether you have attended the shop of the BgA of bookstore already earlier and whether you have called on this about a certain Internet link or a banner advertising.