Lutheran City and Parish Church of St Nikolai: the "Büchertisch" bookstore
From 1990 onwards, following the events of the Peaceful Revolution in the autumn of 1989, the Nikolai Church attracted a steadily growing stream of visitors. The Parish Council therefore decided at the beginning of 1991 to inaugurate a bookstore, its aim being to accommodate the great need for information and exchange on the part of tourists and visitors from Germany and all over the world. At first postcards and a church guide were sold, and thus was born the Nikolai Church's bookstore - what we call the "Büchertisch".
At first we traded mainly at the weekends, sitting in the pews and selling everything out of simple metal boxes. Not until a year later did the bookstore move into the room in which you can still, or rather once more, find it today. Whereas to begin with business had been conducted by the pastor and verger, now there were fixed opening times with voluntary assistants in charge of running the shop.
During this time we constantly increased our stock. In addition to the church guide and a selection of postcards, our visitors were now able to find various items of literature concerning the events of 1989, books on Johann Sebastian Bach and his life and works in Leipzig and the Nikolai Church, tickets for a range of concerts taking place in the church, as well as information material on the city of Leipzig and its history. Soon leaflets in 14 languages were added to our stockpile, providing information on the Nikolai Church, the peace prayers and the events of the autumn of 1989, particularly the 9th of October. You will also find devotional books to accompany you in your faith.
Between the autumn of 2001 and the spring of 2004, during which time the whole interior of the church was refurbished and its mighty organ renovated, the "Büchertisch" bookstore was relocated in the North Chapel, which also contains “Luther” pulpit from 1521. Since April 2004 the bookstore has been restored to its previous domicile, now in a fitting new ambience. In addition to the invaluable services provided by voluntary assistants, it was also possible to create a full-time position.
It is our aim to maintain a permanent selection of the widest range of literature, audio products and information material, as well as to continue to enlarge and update our stock. So please feel free to look around and find something to inspire you, or that might be suitable as a gift.
In the Nikolai Church much has been ventured and much blessing has been received.
This is what our "Büchertisch" bookstore also wishes to impart.
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